Fort Street Memorial United Methodist Church
Saturday, November 18, 2017
Welcoming strangers to be strangers no more.

The Kneelers of Fort Street Memorial

The Kneeler's project was presented by Mrs. Luncino Crawford, the wife of pastor, Dr. Joseph L. Crawford, Sr. in 2006 to the United Methodist Women of Fort Street United Methodist Church. Also in 2006, Glenn Memorial was in the process of completing their kneeler cushions. Mrs. Crawford visited Neese's Needlepoint to gather more information about proceeding with the needlepoint project. The owner of the store mentioned that Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church was in the process of completing their needlepoint project and provided the contact information for Glenn Memorial's needlepoint guild. The two churches came together and formed an inseparable bond. Glenn Memorial agreed to support Fort Street Memorial with finances, prayers and their talents. In 2009, participants from both churches began working on the Kneeler project. It took over two years for all nine kneeler cushions to be completed with a combined total of nearly 1 million stitches. The kneelers are a reflection of Fort Street Memorial's stained glass windows in the sanctuary. The dedication service for the kneelers was held on September 11,2011 at Fort Street Memorial. Rosemary Weaver and her daughter, Susan Ford, as well as others, taught members of Fort Street the art of the basket weave needlepoint stitch. Rosemary Weaver, Carole Adams, Carolyn Knight, Suzanne Aloisio and Nancy Fleming were among the volunteers from Glenn Memorial who assisted in the completion of the kneelers. The Fort Street participants included, Luncino Crawford, Jacqueline Word, Catherine Sullivan, Gwendolyn White, Dorothy Lanier, Peggy Johnson and Geraldine Davis.